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We strive to provide the resources necessary to prospective ham radio operators and those who want to research this vast hobby. We provide tutorials, a forum to ask questions, and articles to help you along the way. We hope the site is will make it simple and easy to get a ham radio operator’s license.

: : Amateur Radio to Help TSA

Amateur Radio members of MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) were reported by the ARRL to have joined into an agreement with the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide communications backup when “all else fails”. It was understood that protecting airports during hurricane season would be the most immediate focus.

: : PSK-31
An excellent tutorial expanding on PSK-31 mode of communications has popped up on the ARRL website. The article is titled PSK for Beginners and describes how beginning hams might be able to setup their own PSK-31 station on their own.

: : How To Get YOUR Ham Radio License

So you’ve decided to join the crowd, and get your license at last. In this special article, we explain step by step, how to get your first Technician Class License. With our help, you will be on the radio before you know it.

: :Hamradio Cool Stuff

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