About us


Our Beginnings, History:

Hamquick began providing ham radio resources under the name of Transworldradio at the still existing address of www.transworldradio.8m.com about two years ago. Since then the webresource has out grown the old location and we have moved the website to a more profesional host.

Our Operations:

Hamquick.com currently is owned and maintained by Sam Szarka, out of Monument, Colorado.

About the Management:

Only 18yrs. old, and still in high school(Senior year), I try to do my best to balance between school work and work on website content.

What We Offer to You:

Hamquick.com offers the best online ham radio tutorials. Our tutorials can get you to pass the Technician Class amateur radio exam quicker than any other study book currently for sale.

How can we claim that? The answer is that hamquick.com’s tutorials offer a whole new approach to teaching newcomers radio theory. Instead of selling you a book full of diagrams and complicated technical electronics jargon, we teach you only the material that is necessary to pass the test. No unnecessary fillers or sidetracking stories. Just straight and simple talk.

Yet this unique approach has been extremely effective. In fact, there have been 14 year old students who have passed their Tech. License Exam after only three days of studying our material. No other books or aids were used by these students! If you think a book the size of a high school text book can accomplish these same results, then I invite you to try hamquick.com and be amazed!